May 10, 2012

There are certain cases that call for our sanctuary services. We have guidelines that assess each bird and its eligibility for adoption per the age, health, aggression, as well as psychological and emotional issues. There are some circumstances where we must Sanctuary a bird for a variety of different reasons.

We do offer a Sanctuary service for owners who want their birds to remain in our care permanently. However, we do require a yearly donation for these circumstances. We will provide each bird with fresh fruits and veggies daily, aviary play time, quarterly Avian Veterinarian visits as well as a pellet diet and new toys and supplies. This will be determined per the needs of the individual bird.

Here are the birds currently residing in our sanctuary:


Listed on June 10, 2013Species:


Louie is a resident here in our Sanctuary. He is 14 years old and his owners really love him, however he didn’t fit into their flock at home. They decided to keep him here in sanctuary and they visit him often. He will be getting his own indoor aviary to live in and be spoiled rotten! He is a good boy and very sweet!



Listed on June 10, 2013Species:


Quasimoto is one of the lovebirds from a hoarding case we took in. He obviously got beat up in a small cage full of other lovebirds. He is really skittish and will stay here due to too much stress of moving around.

Wearva & Percilla

Listed on June 10, 2013Species:


Whereva and Percilla are two Orange Wing Amazons that have never been handled in their 28 years. They were too much for their family and they decided that it would be best for them to be residents at our facility. They are 28 years old and aggressive and they will be provided with their own aviary to live in.


Sammy and Samonie

Listed on May 2, 2013Species:

two cockatoos

This is Sammy and Samonie they are sanctuary birds here at their owner’s request. They are a male and female bonded pair and was too much to handle after the owner’s husband passed away. They are currently living in one of our indoor aviaries as they have lived cage free for the last 10 years.  Their previous owner gets regular updates and financially supports them. They are very happy here and LOVE each other. They are also not super territorial which is very nice, they are so sweet! Sammy is 7 years old and Samonie is 32 years old.

sammy 2


Listed on February 24, 2013Species:


This beautiful girl’s name is Rosie. She is a 6 year old female Eclectus. She is blind and has to have special housing accommodations so she can find her food and water and sleeping spot. We are not sure is she was born blind or went blind over time. She enjoys being talked to however she is uncomfortable with handling as she can’t see anyone approaching her or touching her. She flirts all day with our resident male Eclectus and sometimes they play together. He will lead her around the cage showing her where the food is in his cage. She was very stressed moving from her previous home to the rescue, we decided to keep her here and not stress her again with another move.


Listed on April 8, 2012Species:

Meet Jocko; Jocko is a very sweet Cockatiel who was surrendered needing a massive tumor removed. The vet is charging over $500 for this necessary surgery.  Below you can see the tumor. I have also discorvered that Jocko has not only this tumor on her left wing, but 2 more tumors on her right wing and two starting over each eye. Jocko will need this procedure in the near future. I do NOT believe in euthanizing due to expense. I have contacted vet offices, rescues, sanctuarys, etc and none are willing to help this poor cockatiel.

Jocko the Cockatiel #2Jocko the Cockatiel


Listed on April 8, 2012Species:

Remer and Ali are best friends. Remer came from a family who were not able to take care of him and it ended up turning into a neglect situation. Remer came to us with a severely over grown beak and has had to have consistant grooming. Due to his poor diet he has developed fatty liver disease. Remer is a good boy and is very happy for as long as he may have with us.

Remer's Overgrown Beak



Listed on April 8, 2012Species:

This Goffins Cockatoo I decided to name. I named her Alinea and I will call her Ali (Alley) for short. Alinea means basically a new train of thought and I figured since she is going to be starting a new life, it would fit perfectly. She is also plucked as you can see in the pictures above, some was from her previous mate and some she did herself. Steps are being taken to improve the plucking behavior and get her life back on track. She is also 30+years old, and a wild caught bird. Ali is residing in our sanctuary because she suffers from stress seizures and moving her into a new environment may be too much for this poor old girl.

Alinea the Goffin CockatooAlinea the Goffin Cockatoo #2Alinea the Goffin Cockatoo #3Jen and AlineaJen and Alinea #2