Parrot Playstations

April 11, 2012

You should have play stations for your birds away from your bird’s cages and possibly in several locations throughout your house. This is a great way for your bird to be with you and your family. Bird play stations are great for your bird to get exercise!

You should not substitute this for your one on one time with your bird. You still need to have one on one time with just you spending time with your bird.

Store bought playstand and playgyms are great for your bird! You can hook toys and fun stuff for your bird to play with. They are very mobile and you can move them to different locations in your house.

There are many different styles of playstands for all different size birds.

Here are several great examples of playstations! These are very happy parrots!


I love the Macaw Nets they make a great play area.

As you can see, even the small birds need playstations.