Avian Vets

February 21, 2012

You decide to bring home a new bird. You do not bring the new bird for a first check up, and you do not quarantine…..You decide the bird or exotic looks healthy so the vet isn’t necessary……so you think!

A day goes by and you start to notice abnormal habits, sitting on the perch on both feet, fluffed feathers and a lot of shivering, sneezing, and there is a discharge from the nose. The bird is not eating well.

Your new bird has a respiratory infection. You still do not vet the bird; you try and see if the bird will “heal himself.” Your other birds now start sneezing and will not eat well, seem sluggish, etc. You have now passed the infection throughout your entire flock. Was that worth it? Now you have the vet bill of all your birds.

There are many other issues that could take place including but not limited to: mites, bacterial infections, yeast, and those are the calm issues. More serious diseases or parasites; PBFD (psittacine beak and feather disease), polynoma virus, proventricular dialation disease, Pacheos disease virus, Avian Chlamydia, Aspergillosis, and many more.

Dr. Scott McDonald, DVM

Dr. Scott McDonald does mobile veterinary clinics for birds every few months in different states. He charges extremely low prices and does a very thorough exam. You must check his calendar and see when he will be coming near you!

Dr Scott


Avian and Exotic Vet Services Near Akron, Ohio

Sharon Center Veterinary Hospital

2131 Sharon Copley Road
Medina, OH 44256
(330) 239-1115
(Dr. Faust & Dr. Robert Nathan)

Elm Ridge Animal Hospital

10870 Portage St NW
Canal Fulton, OH 44614-8817
(330) 854-0100
North Hill Veterinary Hospital

490 E Cuyahoga Falls Ave
Akron, OH 44310
(330) 928-6514

Barberton Veterinary Clinic

4873 Richland Ave.
Norton, OH 44203
(330) 860-5789
(Dr. Riggs)

24-Hour Emergency Hospitals

Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital

1053 S Cleveland Massillon Rd
Copley, OH 44321
(330) 666-2976

Avian and Exotic Vet Services Outside Akron, Ohio

AnimalĀ and Avian Medical Center
4171 Center Road

Brunswick, OH 44212


Crossroads Animal Hospital

12977 Peral Road
Strongsville, OH 44136
(440) 334-1271

Animal Clinic Northview

36400 Center Ridge Road
North Ridgeville, OH 44039
(440) 327-8282
(Dr. Jamie Lindstrom)