Adoptable Birds

February 24, 2012
  • In order to adopt any bird from us you must complete our adoption form and be approved.
  • By completing an adoption application it does NOT mean you will be approved to adopt.
  • You can print this application out and mail it to us or fill it out and email it.
  • We do not adopt out on a first come, first serve basis. We match up birds with applicants.
  • Please read our Adoption Policies page.
  • Please check our Bird Experience page to see what birds you could be approved to adopt.
  • Visit our Parrot Noise Levels page to see how loud a parrot can be in your home.

Due to the amount of calls I am getting each day; please do not call to ask if we have a certain species up for adoption but not listed. Please read the adoption page before you call. Most questions that people have are answered on the adoption process page and birds up for adoption page. All of the birds that are available for adoption or are going to be available will be listed on the adoption page. If we do not have a species that you are looking for at that time, fill out an application and you will be put on a waiting list for that species.

The Bird Nerds reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone that we don’t find suitable for a particular bird. We ask that you don’t take it personally. Our MAIN concern is our birds health, welfare and happiness. We always try to let our birds pick their people instead of the other way around. If the bird you want to adopt doesn’t seem to connect with you, we won’t adopt him/her out.


Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

Bird Love Bird




Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

Joey is a very pretty little Pineapple Green Cheek Conure, he is 4 years old and needs someone to take the time to work with him. He is semi friendly and will come out of his shell with time.


Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

Bird GC ConureFrank is a little bird with a big attitude. He will need someone with patience to work with him. He is 4 years old and flighty and can be timid.


Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

Bird Painted conureKiwi is a gorgeous little painted conure. She is only 1 year old and is very friendly. Great little bird!


Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

PeachesBoo is a sweet little Senegal. This is a great smaller species with a really nice personality. He is very friendly and is only 1 year old!


Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

Bird QuakerWe have 3 Quakers available at this time.

Miss Giggles - 5 years old and can be a little temperamental. He has a typical Quaker personality and can be a little bit territorial of his cage and toys.

Burdess – She is 5-6 years old and is very friendly and loves to be handled. She would make a nice bird for someone.


Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

Sampson is a Yellow Naped Amazon. He is 20 yrs old and does have an attitude. He can be challenging and would need an experienced person with Amazon personalities. He needs someone that can understand he may never be the type of bird that likes to be handled. He enjoys vocalizing and he is learning to interact with people through the bars of his cage.



Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

Bird MikeThis is Mike, he is in his mid 20′s in age. He is a really personable Double Yellow Headed Amazon. He likes both men and women and has a really cool personality. He is quite the show off! He will be a nice bird for someone!


Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

Bird MilitaryBermuda is a 3 year old Military macaw who likes both men and women. He needs an experienced person. He can be a little bit of a handful.


Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

Bird U2Caesar is a 33 year old Umbrella Cockatoo. He is a little timid and needs some TLC with a patient person. He loves to cuddle if you sit on the floor with him and let him come to you. We are confident he will come out of his shell and bond to someone.

Jaz **In Rehabilitation**

Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

Bird M2Jaz is a stunning example of a Moluccan Cockatoo. He is 8 years old and absolutely gorgeous. He is currently not available for adoption yet. He is in behavioral rehabilitation at this time. He does NOT like men. He will be a woman only bird. If you are interested in adopting you may submit and adoption application to be considered when he becomes available.


Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

Bird M22Charlie has obviously has some struggles with feather mutilation. We are working on helping the feathers grow back and stop the feather plucking behavior. He needs some TLC and someone that can be patient with him and let him come out of his shell. He likes both men and women and is in his mid 20′s in age.


Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

Bird BG MacawBogie is a gorgeous Blue and Gold. He is 13 years old and needs an experienced person not afraid of him and some dominant behaviors. He is a dominant bird, but once he understands who is boss and he trusts you he will bond strongly to his owner. He is a very nice bird once he gets to know you. He really loves attention. He has such an outgoing personality and talks up a storm! He is quite vocal and can be very loud. He tolerates men but prefers women and will be a one person bird. He needs a home where he is the only bird.


Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

Bird BG Macaw 2Raja is a 13 year old Blue and Gold Macaw. She has previously plucked a small area on her neck and legs and will need time to grow her new feathers in. She will need someone experienced with dominant macaws. She likes men.


Listed on April 10, 2014Species:

IMG_5418(Not actual picture of Zazu)

Zazu is 15 years old and he is a Blue Front Amazon. He is semi-friendly with no preference to men or women. He will need someone who is experienced with Amazons as they can be temperamental.